[Open-graphics] OGD1: Everything's ready for us to take pre-orders NOW!

Timothy Normand Miller theosib at gmail.com
Tue May 20 10:51:11 EDT 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, OGD1 is ready for pre-orders.  Everything is in
place and ready to go.

Here's the order page:

Here's the FAQ:

The product info page:

The first 100 pre-orders get a $100 discount and free accessories
(programming cable that retails for $65).

I ask everyone to start pushing this.  When we have a one or two more
things ready, I'm going to get help from the FSF to market this.  But
in the mean time, it's important for everyone on this list to help get
the word out.

For us to be able to start production, we have a goal of 100
pre-orders.  But it's actually a dollar target we need to meet, so the
more that get sold at the full retail price, the sooner we'll make
that target.  Remember, this is a fund raiser; in order for the OGP to
be able to design and build more open hardware in the future, we need
to raise money.  For those of you who have contributed to the OGP and
are in need of a discount, please submit your application to the OHF.

Timothy Normand Miller
Open Graphics Project

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